Welcome to the ARML Power Contest!

Welcome to the 2016–2017 ARML Power Contest!

This page is the hub for information about the ARML Power Contest. If you are a coach and want to register a team, this is the right place. If you are a student and want to see the latest scores, this is the right place. If you have a question about the ARML Power Contest that is not answered by poking around these pages, please e-mail me (link below).

We have some exciting things in store this year! First, we will be joined by a number of teams from China. The organization in China that has put together a strong contingent of ARML Local teams is going to add ARML Power to the mix. The first year we are expecting 20–30 teams, and more next year if things work well!

Secondly, we are hoping to try an experiment in online submission and grading of the contest. The details aren't finalized yet, but if you are interested, keep an eye on your ARML Power e-mail for the opportunity to volunteer to be part of the experiment. If we could move to online submission and grading, we could save both the contest and teams on mailing costs, speed up the entire grading process, and save a bunch of trees to boot!

The official windows for this year's contest will be Saturday October 29 until Sunday November 13 for the fall questions, and February 25 to March 12 for the spring portion. As always, we can be flexible if these dates are not workable; please contact me directly as much in advance as you can.

The scores from last year's contest will remain on the scores page for a little while longer, and will then migrate to the historical pages in the documents area of the website. The same goes for last year's contest questions; they will remain on your team page until the new question and then go to the documents page. If you want to download the previous year 2014–2015 contest, hurry up! Once the new contest goes up, that one will go away until the next ARML book is published!

Register Click here to register new teams. Please check listings on the registered team list page (see next link) for correctness. You should only register if you are not already listed on the team list page.

View/update Registered Teams If you are already registered, you can go here and enter your team password to update your listing or check payment status.

Documents Look here for copies of rules, answer, and score sheets. You will also find last year's contests as well as results from previous years' contests.

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